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Zoomtak Android TV Box Thailand Expands | Kodi Thailand

Zoomtak bursts onto the Android TV box Thailand scene and makes a big splash with English speaking expatriates. Thailand’s ever growing English speaking foreigner population continues a long upward trend of rapid growth as expats continue to realize the amazing quality of life available to them in the beautiful country. Unfortunately, English media options from regular cable and satellite operators are limited and expensive, thereby fueling the exponential growth of Kodi Thailand.

Although expatriates have chosen to live in a country outside of their own they still want to consume the media from their home countries namely UK, Australia, US, and Canada. Zoomtak Android TV boxes, being the number one English media streamer for expats in Asia, fill a void and the sales numbers are there to prove it.

Zoomtak Asia recognizes the need for its product and looks to expand its market in Thailand by lowering shipping rates for its online orders effective immediately. 2017 has shown a massive increase in sales in the Thailand region, and the already household brand with expatriates in Hong Kong and Singapore looks to add fuel to the fire and become the number one Android TV Box Thailand by 2018.

Zoomtak Becomes The #1 Selling Android TV Box Singapore

Zoomtak has quickly risen to the #1 selling Android TV box Singapore. The Zoomtak Vplus, has already enjoyed a long reigning position as Hong Kong’s #1 selling Android TV box, primarily due to Hong Kong’s high concentration of English speaking expatriates which are at the core of Zoomtak’s fan base. And now, Singapore’s expatriate community with over 2,000,000 has also embraced the Zoomtak brand.

Although in Asia the Android TV box market is extremely well developed and competitive, the choices for primarily English content have been slim to none as most devices are focused on Chinese content. Chinese devices like the hugely popular Unblock Tech UBOX may have some English content like movies and some TV shows, but the devices generally fall short when it comes to English media options. And although many Chinese devices tout the ability to have multiple languages built into the operating systems, only a few of the main menu screens are translated and usually in quite poor broken English. Those devices tend to leave the users confused and make them hard to use and difficult to navigate for English speaking expats.

With an unprecedented catalog of English TV show and movie content from the United States, Canada, and the UK, the Zoomtak devices continue to fly off the shelf. Zoomtak’s English media focus has answered the call for expatriates looking to consume the content they miss from home.

Now, Singapore has joined the ranks as Zoomtak’s second biggest market. With an expat population of over 6 million as well has a reputation for being Asia’s tech capital, its only natural that the Zoomtak Android TV box Singapore is accepted as well as it is in Hong Kong. In reaction to the rapid growth of the Singapore Android TV market, Zoomtak has reduced it’s shipping costs, even more, lowering any barriers to entry for potential new customers.

What is Zoomtak

What is Zoomtak?

What is Zoomtak? Zoomtak is an Android TV box devices that runs on the Android 6.0 platform. Zoomtak TV Boxes are a “little black” box simply attaches to your HDMI TV or an HDMI compatible display devices link a monitor. And the coined marketing slogan is that it “Makes any TV Smart”, which is absolutely does. After connecting to your TV, you will immediately see the main functions of Android which now make your TV one big giant Android device. You can now install any apps from the Google Play Store and bring all you favorite apps to the big screen instead of keep them so small on your mobile phone’s display.

There a ton of features that the device is capable of, too many to list, but in a nut shell, it can basically do anything your phone can do. However what Zoomtak has really just become so famous for is its exclusive Kodi Platform. Through the use of KODI, you will be able to access every stream of media in the world in a nice neat and beautiful interface on your television screen that’s simple to browse, simple to play, and available to play instantly on-demand with the simple click of a button. Unlike other competing devices in the market, Zoomtak sets itself a part by implementing a proprietary content updating system that has revolutionized Android TV Boxes. With a dedicated team of software engineers specializing in English content, the devices are automatically updated each month by accessing a global network of servers which push new content and features down to the Zoomtak TV box and removing any content that is dead on the Zoomtak.

The Zoomtak’s build quality also far outmatch any competitive products. Zoomtak devices are all made of the highest quality, brushed aluminum cases, unlike the cheap plastic products you may see the market. This build quality is easily felt when you pick a Zoomtak and examine it up close. Using only the best quality electronic components, a quality control team that unmatched in electronics, Zoomtak certainly has put themselves on a different level when it comes to quality manufacturers of Andriod TV boxes anywhere. This unbeleivable high quality hardware unit also combines itself with a top notch soft ware component that makes its one of the best selling and most reliable Android TV Boxes in the market today.

So now that you got a quick overview of What is Zoomtak? Please visit our shop page to view the different modes.

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