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Zoomtak bursts onto the Android TV box Thailand scene and makes a big splash with English speaking expatriates. Thailand’s ever growing English speaking foreigner population continues a long upward trend of rapid growth as expats continue to realize the amazing quality of life available to them in the beautiful country. Unfortunately, English media options from regular cable and satellite operators are limited and expensive, thereby fueling the exponential growth of Kodi Thailand.

Although expatriates have chosen to live in a country outside of their own they still want to consume the media from their home countries namely UK, Australia, US, and Canada. Zoomtak Android TV boxes, being the number one English media streamer for expats in Asia, fill a void and the sales numbers are there to prove it.

Zoomtak Asia recognizes the need for its product and looks to expand its market in Thailand by lowering shipping rates for its online orders effective immediately. 2017 has shown a massive increase in sales in the Thailand region, and the already household brand with expatriates in Hong Kong and Singapore looks to add fuel to the fire and become the number one Android TV Box Thailand by 2018.

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